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Our scripts have just been updated and improved in Nov 2016 in to offer more customer requests for more features and ease of use. and we are continually providing extra functions and features, and when new patches and updates become available as an existing customer you get them for free for life. The OpenBidPHP online auction software script is the perfect choice for anyone starting or who wishes to create an online auction website similar to that of Ebay.

We started development of the auction php script in 2007 with a more basic open source code that was readily available and being developed and modified. Since then the software has undergone many further changes via various coders and further customization by our very own designers. Our fully hosted and managed version of the software makes it easy for any one to start their own auction website with no technical knowledge needed. Ebay is a registered trademark and while we have made some of the same features available we do not claim to have all of their features and in no way endorse any copyright infringement.

A lot of work has gone into making the software what it is today, many of the features you see today were suggested by our users. Please see our fully functional demo to try it for yourself!

Once the script is installed on your website domain we will send you your log in details to the admin panel where you can control and take care of your business. All of our scripts come with a superior back end admin panel which makes it very easy for you to control and manage all aspects of your website including automatic payments , subscriptions and emails ( even if you are not technically minded ). You will have full control with our feature packed software and administration control panel.

Financial Crisis, Recession, Economical Breakdown and Panic is Causing Business Owners and Individuals to seek Alternative methods to boost their income and Secure the financial stability and provide for their children and loved ones.

There has never been a better time to start your own online business. Despite the current economic meltdown people are shopping online everyday and while well known high street stores are going bust by the handful due to their huge overheads and associated costs, people are spending more and more money online. An because everyone is looking for a bargain and hoping to get their brand name products for less online shopping and bidding is at an all time high.

How To Create An Auction Website With Ease

Our auction script software provides you with an easy to run online site with auction bidding and store subscription options. Unlike many free auction scripts and even some of the paid ones, our php script is reliable and allows you to make your own auction site quickly and easily which you have complete control over. The admin options make the whole thing easy to manage and the software does most of the work for you, leaving you free to just check in and collect your fees.

Some of the auction software options

Your administration control panel is very user friendly and allows you to change and control all of your auction settings, here is a quick view of just some of the options that you can enable and disable or edit with just a couple of clicks !

  • Bid , Buy Now & Make an Offer and Swap Options
  • Account Mode with Automatic Invoicing & Live Payment (Pay As You Go Mode)
  • Automatic Registration Email Approval, Seller Verification Option
  • Private Auction Option ( bidders identity remains anonymous )
  • Enable/Disable Stores
  • Choose One Or Multiple Payment Gateway Options
  • Stores Subscription and Banner Ad Management
  • Category Item Counter and Site Stats Counter, Number Of Live Auctions, Users Online, Wanted Ads etc
  • Add Custom Pages, Edit FAQ, Privacy, Help, About and Contact Pages
  • Add New Fields To Selling Listing Description ( brand new with tags, used, or any new field... engine size, license etc )
  • Enable/Disable Site Fees Tab, Classifieds Tab ( PLATINUM VERSION ONLY )

How to make money from your auction site

  • Auction Fees - Choose your own site fees for auction listings options including..... user sign up fee, auction listing fee, home page featured item fee, category featured item fee, highlighted or bold item feeschoose a standard number of free image uploads and charge extra for additional images the same can be done for video uploads, become a verified seller fee (one time, monthly or yearly)custom advance auction start time cost, buy now, reserve price, make an offer and swap option fees can be set. You can set a re-listing discount so those who choose to re-list their items who would normally have to pay the above costs again get a reduction. All of these fees are optional, you can set them to free or choose your own prices for any of them.  You can choose an end of auction fee which can be free, any fixed amount you choose, or a percentage of final sale value, and even a fixed fee but depending on the value of the item ! You can also choose whether the Buyer or the Seller must pay the final auction fee. We have got it all covered ! You can also choose different costs of each of the above in different categories. So for example you can have one set of fees most categories and then a completely different set of fees for say Vehicles or Properties or what ever you choose.
  • Wanted Ad Setup Fee
  • Store Subscriptions - again you can set up multiple store types, number of items in store, home page featured store, set up multiple subscription offers on a flat fee or monthly recurring basis. Registered users can create stores on your website. You choose the subscription cost for various store types and collect the profits (creating powerful monthly residual income streams on top of your auction fees)
  • Advertising Fees - The banner ad manager inside your admin panel allows you to sell advertising space and manages advertising banners for you,  impressions and clicks and chosen categories can be set and banner rotation is all done for you. You decide on the advertising fees to charge businesses and let the software take care of the ad management. You could also use your own affiliate marketing and CPA banners or both. 
  • Classified Ads - ( PLATINUM VERSION ONLY ) You set your own charge for classifieds. Classified ads get listed for 30 days (users or admin can delete them before the 30 days are up if they want to).

So you could even choose to have NO listing or sale fees and STILL monetize your website in several other ways!

Our php auction script will give you a serious advantage if you are planning starting an online business. Our software has all the professional features you need and provides you with a great looking website that your users will find easy to navigate.

Everything you need to manage your site is in the admin panel. You will have a choice of 10 payment gateways to choose from including paymate, WorldPay and the most popular PayPal, plus the option to add other offline payments such as cash on delivery, western union, money brokers and businesses who have facilities to take card orders over the phone and in person can add that payment option to their stores and listings also. There is an option for V.A.T settings and Accounting so everything is in place to conduct business as professionally as you need.

Why anything less than the best auction software simply won't do !

There are other auction website builders available but when it comes to your business you want the best! We take your business seriously, our auction script has all the features you would expect to find in a professional auction software package, and all the functions that visitors to your website need. Users will be able to browse, register and buy and sell on your site with ease and there is very little you need to do once set up except collect your site fees and commissions!

Every part of the customer registrations and transactions are taken care of automatically. You choose which emails are sent out to new customers when they register and when they list items to sell or they place a bid and when they get out bid! Invoices are sent out automatically for you every month, or if you prefer you can choose instant payment where your users must pay listing fees up front at the time of placing the item listing.

In Summary

Full control over users, auctions, fees and content. High level of automation. Several ways of making you money. All the features and functionality you would need and expect from any auction script software ( which unfortunately with many of the other scripts and plugins out there you simply do NOT get ) . Once set up, your website's software will take care of everything for you, leaving you free to concentrate on other important aspects of your business. The admin panel is very user friendly and makes it easy for you to control all of your auction site settings .

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"I found your auction software to be very easy to use and for the few questions that I did have, once I emailed them to your staff, I was stunned at the unbelievably quick response time and your explanations were easy even for the novice that I am. Your auction software has features built into it that I have never even seen before. From start to finish I had my website up and running within 4 days and I just can't say enough about your software and your customer service. I without a doubt will be purchasing other software from your company in the future. Thank you guys so very much for making this Woman VERY happy!" - Angela

"I purchased another script ( not the same ) form another company and it was a complete nightmare to use... I then tried MyPHPauction form another company at a higher price than this and some of the functions did not work and I got zero response form contacting support. I decided to give this script a go, This auction script works perfectly despite a few set up problems I had which the support team sorted for me very quickly. So overall I highly recommend this script. The script works great has more options than other scripts and i cannot fault the support I recieved." - John