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OpenBidPHP Pro comes loaded with comprehensive list of features needed for an auction website.
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Completely Customisable

You have full control over users and auctions. Registration emails and passwords are all taken care of for you by the software, so no need for you to send out emails ( unless you want to ). You can choose to have a registration fee, OR a listing fee, OR just a commission on the final sale fee OR any combination of some or all of the fore-mentioned. You can set a price for Store subscriptions and even sell advertising space on your website and insert a banner ad with a few simple clicks. So you can see there are many options and possibilities to make money with your site.

Some Highlights

  • Easy User Registration
  • Customise Auction Commission
  • Store Subscription
  • Make money with a click

Members Area

Any user with an email address can sign up and become a member of your auction website. A member can do various functions like Bidding, Selling and Messaging. A member can open a store on your auction website and sell various types of items.

Member needs to activate the account on registratiation and then they can login using the email address and password

Admin Panel

As a auction website owner, you will be provided with an exclusive admin panel which is completely secure and allows only the owner to login.

In the Admin Panel, you can perform various activities - such as Site Setup, User Management, Auctions Management etc.

Other Features

  • Easily Upload Your Own Logo From Within Your Admin Panel and Up to 5 Front Page Image Slides
  • User Friendly Front End Makes Browsing, Searching, Selling and Bidding Easy For Your Visitors
  • Buy Now, Make An Offer and Swap Offers as Well As Regular Bidding Options
  • Advanced Admin Panel With All The Options You Need To Run A Profitable Auction Site


  • Integrated Payment Processors, Choose From PayPal, MoneyBrokers etc.
  • Choose and Customise The Many Options For Site and Auction Fees
  • Advertising Banner Manager, Make Money Selling Advertising Space On Your Site
  • Choose Instant Direct Payment Or Account, Automatic Invoicing


  • Accounting and Tax Features Built In
  • All Installed and Set Up For You With YOUR Personal Or Business Details
  • 12*7 dedicated support
  • Tested on 117+ devices & browsers

Software features and functions

User Registration
Registration is quick and easy for new users, you can set automatic user approval or an email confirmation process to avoid fraudulent or spam sign-ups. If you choose the email confirmation the an email will be automatically sent out to the person after they choose a username and complete the process, they then have to click the link in that email to verify their address and activate their account. The email is automatic and includes your site logo.
Once joined users can begin buying and selling. When registered users log in they will be taken to the Members Area.

The members area is where registered users can access all of their personal details, transactions and auction info.

The functions in the members' area includes:
Messaging -this is where private messages sent to the user will appear and they can reply and send messages from here.

Bidding - All of the members current bids, won items, invoices received summary can be seen in tho s section slog with items they are watching and their favorite stores.

Selling - Details for all items they are selling in auction will appear here and can be viewed edited and deleted etc. ( listings can only be deleted if their are no bids, and editing will be limited if there are any bidders ).

Reputation - This is where feedback can be viewed for items sold also the member has left for others for items bought.

About Me - Your site members can create an "About Me" page if they wish which will be viewed by other users.

My Store - Here registered users can set up and manage their store where only their items can be listed. They can even choose custom categories for their store and of course upload their store logo etc.

Wanted Ads - view your current and closed Wanted Ads and create new Wanted Ads My Account - view and modify your account details and carry out other administrative tasks Messaging The messaging section of the Members' Area allows you to read, delete and reply to all the messages you have sent and received: Click on Received or Sent to see a list of your messages.To read a message, simply click on the "To" or "From" user id and the message will load for you: To delete a message, click on the Delete link to the side of the message you want to delete:
Sending Messages You can send private and public messages to sellers from all item listings.
1. Scroll down the listing until you find the Ask Seller A Question section:
2. Type in the question you would like to ask the seller, and select whether you want it to be private or public (visible to other users)
3. Click Submit to send the message. You can see all of your sent and received messages in your Members' Area, under Messaging
Bidding The Bidding section provides you with an overview of all the items you have bid on lists items you have won, outstanding invoices and items you are watching. The Bidding section also provides access to your Favorite Stores list. Managing & Placing Bids At the heart of your auction experience is bidding on items you'd like to buy. Purchase items in several ways:
Standard bidding
Make an Offer
Buy Out
Swap Offers Instead of monetary offers, some sellers will accept Swap Offers - offers of an item of appropriate value in exchange for the item
being sold. The swap offer process works in a very similar way to the standard Make Offer process
Won Items - The Won Items section allows you to see all of your recent purchases and bids at a glance.
Recently-purchased items are then individually listed with their payment status:

For users to pay for the item, they simply click on Pay With Direct Payment:
This will take them to a payment screen enabling them to choose a preferred payment method ( from any online payment gateways you have activated in admin and the seller has chosen to use ) and make an instant payment for the purchased 
item. Once the payment, is complete the payment status for the item will be updated in the Won Items table.
The Bidding section of the Members' Area also allows buyers to see all of their current invoices.

Watched Items
If you would like to track the progress of an auction without bidding on it, you can choose to watch the item.

Favorite Stores The software allows users to operate their own stores within the auction site.
Selecting a store as a favorite allows you quick and easy access to it directly from your Members' Area, without having to search for it.

Selling -Listing An Item For Sale.  Listing an item for sale by auction, offer or buy out is easy. Users must first be registered and logged in. Then by clicking the 'SELL' button at the top of the page or within the members area will take users to the page to start entering their auction listing details, starting with auction details, type, buy it now and reserve price settings etc right through to uploading images and media files.
Users can select their listing to be featured on the front page at extra cost as well as many other options like bold listing, featured category listing etc. You as the site owner get to set the fees you want for the extra options.
Private Auction - you can hide the identity of bidders for privacy by selecting private auction when completing the listing.

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"I found your auction software to be very easy to use and for the few questions that I did have, once I emailed them to your staff, I was stunned at the unbelievably quick response time and your explanations were easy even for the novice that I am. Your auction software has features built into it that I have never even seen before. From start to finish I had my website up and running within 4 days and I just can't say enough about your software and your customer service. I without a doubt will be purchasing other software from your company in the future. Thank you guys so very much for making this Woman VERY happy!" - Angela

"I purchased another script ( not the same ) form another company and it was a complete nightmare to use... I then tried MyPHPauction form another company at a higher price than this and some of the functions did not work and I got zero response form contacting support. I decided to give this script a go, This auction script works perfectly despite a few set up problems I had which the support team sorted for me very quickly. So overall I highly recommend this script. The script works great has more options than other scripts and i cannot fault the support I recieved." - John