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Our live software demos mean you can try our fully functional auction software and its your items free to test !
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You can click through and see how everything works, and the demo is fully functional so you can put every aspect of the auction through a trial. The best way to test the software out is by registering as a new user and then list some items, that way you get a detailed view of how the registration process works. See the features and options made available to users listing a new item for auction, and as its your own test item you can always create a 2nd user account and bid on your test item to see how the bidding and sale options work and see how that all looks inside your members account area,

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"I found your auction software to be very easy to use and for the few questions that I did have, once I emailed them to your staff, I was stunned at the unbelievably quick response time and your explanations were easy even for the novice that I am. Your auction software has features built into it that I have never even seen before. From start to finish I had my website up and running within 4 days and I just can't say enough about your software and your customer service. I without a doubt will be purchasing other software from your company in the future. Thank you guys so very much for making this Woman VERY happy!" - Angela

"I purchased another script ( not the same ) form another company and it was a complete nightmare to use... I then tried MyPHPauction form another company at a higher price than this and some of the functions did not work and I got zero response form contacting support. I decided to give this script a go, This auction script works perfectly despite a few set up problems I had which the support team sorted for me very quickly. So overall I highly recommend this script. The script works great has more options than other scripts and i cannot fault the support I recieved." - John